21 February 2008

Greenville, Reflected.

Greenville, Reflected.
Originally uploaded by Nancy Allen
I took this back in December with my phone while stopped at an intersection and it is still the wallpaper on my phone. I love downtown Greenville, especially at night during and shortly after Christmas when the lights are still in the trees (they may be up all year, I just tend to be down there in the evenings more at Christmas time).

If I ever leave Greenville this is what I will miss the most, and that is why I adore this photo.


Katy said...

Hey, do you know about this photo blog? Think you might like it: http://www.greenvilledailyphoto.com/

Nan said...

I do indeed, I've blogrolled it because I go there almost every day!!

Katy said...

oops, sorry...you probably told me about it. duh-huh