26 January 2007

Tagging Makes a Literary Comeback

I've been tagged by liz, and I'm further tagging Amy and Sooz.

Instructions are as follows:

1. open the nearest book to page 123
2. type 6 - 8 lines of the book
3. tag 3 other folks (only if you want to, I only tagged 2 people and that's how these things get started...)

From Hidden Talents, by Erica James:

She was saved from having to respond by the sound of a door slamming upstairs. Grateful for the distraction, she excused herself. She took the stairs two at a time, wishing, as the distance grew between her and Nathan, that she could turn back the clock on the last five minutes.

What had just happened?

How could she have made such a fool of herself?

Of course he hadn't been trying to jump her. All he'd asked her for was a kiss. It was no big deal.

And I don't even know who that SHE is because I haven't gotten that far in the book yet...


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Susan Allen Grady said...

So, I guess I respond to the tag here?

The following is from "This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women," a collection of essays from the 1950s radio program by the same name and its current revival on NPR.

p. 123:

To state clearly and honestly one's beliefs in a few hundred words is a large order in any man's language, particularly so if one has been a victim of a number of very personal tragedies.

Ever since my adolescent mind began to comprehend the complexities of our daily life, I looked upon a human being as a personification od that great unknown with a very specific mission on earth to fulfill.

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