24 July 2005

House Shopping

I'm off to see one of the properties today. I just hope I don't make a total fool of myself...I also hope that my sister and maybe her husband can go with me because I never can think of the right things to say/ask/etc. when I'm on the spot. I know I need to grow up and learn how, but it's just so awkward for me.

I also hope that this will work out because I need to have a plan here. Getting a divorce, moving to another state, changing jobs...it's all pretty overwhelming when done simultaneously. I look at my other friends who've gotten divorced and I know they had stress...heck, one friend moved out of the country!! I just feel like I'd like to crawl back into bed some days and just stay there.

Ah well...off to find the iron so I can at least look sort of presentable today. No going all hippied out this time. Gotta look like a grown-up...even if I am not sure I can act like one...

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