12 September 2006

Conversations in my house, part 401

Hunk: (lying on the floor in the guest room, making a moaning noise)
Me: What is it baby?
Hunk: (moaning noise gets louder)
Me: Are you okay?
Hunk: (moan, moan, moan)
Me: Are you hungry?
Hunk: (moaning ceases)
Me: Lemme finish my blog first, handsome boy.
Hunk: (loud sigh followed by faint moaning)

Circular Logic, a la My Name is Earl.


eBeth said...

where oh where have you gone? I miss reading you! Hope Aladamnbama is going okay! :)

Nan said...

So far so good...but no internet at home so posting is on hiatus...not that I think anyone but liz has noticed... :D