01 January 2007


Happy New Year! This is what happens when good girls go wrong...and to Mary's in Atlanta...and when one of the girls has a husband whose mobile phone can shoot pictures after blinding the subject of said picture with a teeeeny tiny light that makes you want to rip your eyeballs out and start over...

*Much Love* to E and A.


K-Bear said...

cool cool.

my new year's was teh bomb.

sorry you weren't there.

but you were in Atlanta?
uhhhhh. why not the show? it was lots of fun. =]

-teh k

eBeth said...

ahh.. mary's.. good times.. good times!

Nan said...

I wasn't in Atlanta over New Year, I was in Montgomery. This picture was taken the Saturday before NYE.

I wonder if Trevor is still looking for his Daddy? *grin*

eBeth said...

I'll ask Andrew if he's heard from him!! Good old Trevor (oh Nan, what have I done?!) Man that was a good night! :)