01 January 2018

All that and the (Goodreads) sync...

Cover design for Tempest: Fall of the Nature Walker
Concept by me, final design by Brian Collins
So, today is a big day. I mean, of course it is, it's New Year's Day, January 1st, 2018, but in my little corner of life, it is also Cover Reveal Day for the second book in my trilogy, Tempest, as you can see there just to the right of here. Once again, my good friend Brian, who is so very talented, has created a masterpiece out of my mucky concept. 

In revealing the cover, I am also committing to a timeline, something that is hard AND easy for me in equal measure. I know that I work better with one, and with a hard and fast deadline, but I also know myself. I am extremely impatient and I want ALL OF THE PEOPLE TO HAVE ALL OF THE BOOKS NOW rather than do what normal people do and release them on a schedule. In fact, in order to distract myself from fretting over getting Tempest into the eReaders of ALL OF THE PEOPLE, I distracted myself by writing a prequel of sorts, a history of Orana, that in its current state is just heaps and heaps of slightly coherent ones and zeroes, waiting in my cloud drive to be edited. And by edited, I mean ripped to bits and probably rearranged a bit. I'm pleased with it, but I'm the only one that has read it so far, so there's that.

In linking my blog to Goodreads (if you're reading me from there and the cover graphic looks wonky, I'm sorry), I am revealing a part of my self to (hopefully) a large group of people that don't know me yet, either as a writer or as me. That's okay, if not a little nerve-wracking. But here I am to reveal parts of both of those sides of me, anxiety be damned. 

The cover for Wanderer is being reworked a bit so that it falls in a bit better with this concept direction we have taken with Tempest, and that will be revealed here as well when it's ready. If you are new to the Lettuce, please feel free to mosey around. There are large time gaps, I will warn you, and if you go alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back 10 years to where it started you will see a very different me in the posts. You may also want to head over to Our Daily Bryn, a photo blog of our life with our Irish Wolfhound, Bryn - who is the star of her own series of books (so far only a series of one, but I'm working on that), Clobberpaws.

So, happy new year, welcome to Brave Lettuce, and I hope to hear from you here in the comments or over on Goodreads!

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