17 September 2005

Oh yes, they call him the streak...

...A streak that was furry and went charging across my yard this morning just before I let my dogs out for their breakfast. I'm so thankful I saw it and stopped them, because there are only two creatures on the earth that can outrun my greyhounds...and the chances that the small streak I saw was a cheetah or an ostrich are slim. I went back in the house and got my shoes, fairly certain that the invading critter was either a cat or a raccoon. It didn't really matter though, it had to leave my yard before I let the dogs out to eat, whatever it was.

Turns out it was a cat...a seal point himalayan if I'm not mistaken. No collar, running free and in MY yard. While I sometimes can sympathize with cat owners who have outdoor cats as I am scooping the litter box...I cannot understand the acceptance of not knowing where your animal is at all times. But that is a soapbox rant for another time...

Anyway, I walked out into the yard, shoes on and ready to pursue if necessary. Luckily the cat saw me coming and made a bee line for the fence, scaled it, and disappeared down the street. That was a fast cat...but it would have been no match for my dogs. Prey drive would have kicked in and it would have been "on" and there wouldn't have been anything left of kitty I'm afraid.

Lucky cat that I saw you. I hope you find somewhere else to roam because next time you may not be so lucky.

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