05 December 2005

A Funny from "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me"

I'm a big fan of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me which is a news quiz on NPR every weekend. I was listening to it yesterday afternoon when I heard this quote which nearly drove me off the highway in fits of laughter...

Here is the executive summary of the speech the president gave in front of the big signs that read "Plan For Victory": We're going to leave, but not until the Iraqi troops are ready to take over, and, as a general told the New York Times, "They should be ready to take over by the time we leave."
-Peter Siegel, host of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me

I agree with Roy Blunt, Jr., who followed up that quote with the following response: "It's seamless, really..."

Before I'm accused of being a left-wing-anti-war-democrat-who-doesn't-know-what-Dubya-said...I read the transcript of Bush's speech, and I pretty much came away with the same summary as Mr. Siegel. So I do know what Dubya said. /wink

One more from the show... Why Cameron Diaz would not be a good choice to play Maria Von Trapp should the Sound of Music be remade to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film's release:
She's not flighty as a feather. She's not a darling. She's not a demon. She's not a lamb.
-Paula Poundstone
Don't get it? When you're done watching National Lampoon's Vacation as I told you to do, go rent the Sound of Music. You'll thank me.


AmyMB said...

If you think that's funny, try this one from scrappleface.com:

Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean will join the USO Christmas tour this month, bringing holiday cheer to troops in Iraq with an inspiring musical message of hope entitled “We’ll Retreat ‘fore Christmas.”

“Like all Democrats, I support our troops,” said Mr. Dean, who yesterday told WOAI radio in San Antonio, Texas, that Iraq is another Vietnam and that President George Bush lied to Congress. “I look forward to hearing the cheers of the troops as I sing of the futility of their mission.”

Mr. Dean treated reporters to a few verses of the title song from his show, sung to the tune of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” with the following lyrics:

We’ll retreat ‘fore Christmas
far from Ramadi
Bombs will blow, but we’ll just go
and leave it to Zarqawi

Christmas eve will find you
in the land o’ the free
We’ll retreat ‘fore Christmas
glad we’re not I-ra-qi

You can always trust Dean to be good for a laugh or two.

Nan said...

That is funny. Satire, but very funny. Dean is a looney toon...but I still gotta give him points for not backing down from what he believes in, even if it is off the charts...

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